Residents in Lister are first year students from Canada and around the world and are supported by student staff members in upper years of study. Some live on specialty floors with students in their faculty or with others who prefer a quiet or alcohol-free floors. These residents play campus intramurals, learn to write papers, watch movies in floor lounges and grab meals together - all right in their residence home!

Lister students are immersed in a community atmosphere sharing their day-to-day lives and connecting to others with the same interests, classes or program. They quickly make friends that become a family and can last a lifetime.





Lister is our traditional first-year dormitory residence with five towers branching off of the central building.

WHO LIVES HERE: First-year undergraduate students and student leaders.
Schäffer Hall also houses second-year undergrads.

UNIT TYPES: The 'Classic' Lister towers, Kelsey Hall and Henday Hall (Mackenzie Hall will be closed for renovation), offer furnished single (Floor Plan | 360° Panorama) and double (Floor Plan | 360° Panorama) dormitory style units with shared washrooms. Schäffer Hall offers single furnished units with a private washroom (Floor Plan | 360° Panorama). Thelma Chalifoux Hall offers single and double furnished units (Floor Plan) with shared washrooms (images coming soon).

LEASE TYPE: Term leases matching academic term schedule (8 month Sept-April).
The meal plan is included in contract fees.

2018-2019 RATES:

Room Type Rates** Meal plan (2 levels) Total
Classic Lister Single $5283 /8 month contract

$2957 /4 month contract
1: $4999
2: $4400
1: $4999
2: $4400
8 mo: $10282
8 mo: $9683
4 mo: $7956
4 mo: $7357
Classic Lister Double $3488 /8 month contract

$1829 /4 month contract
1: $4999
2: $4400
1: $4999
2: $4400
8 mo: $8487
8 mo: $7888
4 mo: $6828
4 mo: $6229
Schäffer Single w/ private washroom $6385 /8 month contract

$3234 /4 month contract
1: $4999
2: $4400
1: $4999
2: $4400
8 mo: $11384
8 mo: $10785
4 mo: $8233
4 mo: $7634
Thelma Chalifoux Hall Single $8680 /8 month contract

$4147 /4 month contract
1: $4999
2: $4400
1: $4999
2: $4400
8 mo: $13679
8 mo: $13080
4 mo: $9146
4 mo: $8547
Thelma Chalifoux Hall Double $7210 /8 month contract

$3444 /4 month contract
1: $4999
2: $4400
1: $4999
2: $4400
8 mo: $12209
8 mo: $11610
4 mo: $8443
4 mo: $7844

*Internet service, heat, water and power are included in the rent.
**Includes orientation program.

Please note, all rates are subject to change, including meal plan values. All published rates reflect current values, and any approved changes are posted as soon as possible. In the event of a discrepancy between the official rates and the rates published, the official rates shall prevail.

  • Resident Assistant staff (RAs) trained for after hours on-call duties and individual resident support
  • The Marina convenience store and food court
  • Lister Dining Hall (meal plan)
  • Study libraries
  • Communal kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • Exercise facilities
  • Music room
  • Gymnasium
  • TV lounges
  • Parking available through Parking Services

Lister Centre is located at 87 Avenue and 116 Street in the Southwest section of UAlberta's North Campus. It connects five residence towers: Henday Hall, Mackenzie Hall, Kelsey Hall, Schäffer Hall & Chalifoux Hall.

The UAlberta Campus Map has detailed information and interior floor plans for Lister Centre.

BaseCamp is Residence Services first-year student Orientation program specifically designed for students living in Lister Residence and Résidence Saint Jean and runs each Fall before the start of the Academic Year.

BaseCamp provides residents with early access to resources, experiences, and learning opportunities to ease the transition into University. Throughout the four-day program, participants will have the opportunity to develop peer connections, and become better oriented to the Edmonton community and UAlberta campus prior to the start of Fall Term Classes.


Winter Ascent is the Residence Services winter semester orientation program specifically designed for students living in a UAlberta residence and moving in January, 2019.

Transitioning to university and residence can be tough. Making this transition in January can be tougher.

Winter Ascent was created to provide an opportunity for residents to become comfortable in their new living environment, develop peer connections and become better oriented to the Edmonton community and UAlberta campus. Winter Ascent focuses on providing residents with the chance to explore Edmonton and establish a strong support system in residence prior to the start of Winter Term Classes.

Things To Look Forward To:

From January 4, 2019 to January 6, 2019 residents moving into any of our residences will have the opportunity to take part in many activities that will be sure to have a lasting impact on your residence experience.

These programs will help you navigate your way around your new community this semester, and have some fun doing it!

There will be community building programs, recreational activities, a Day of Service in which students engage and volunteer with the Edmonton community, and educational workshops, all to help start you off on the right foot this semester.

Each unit in Classic Lister Residence is furnished with a bed frame with a twin mattress (XL) and drawers underneath, desk with hutch, closet (for each student), desk chair, wastebasket and mirror. Single rooms also contain a dresser. Units in Schäffer Hall also have a private washroom with a toilet, sink and shower.


At the University of Alberta, we offer a variety of on-campus housing experiences in our residences – whether you are new to university life or in your upper years of study, if you are a student couple or have a family, we have a community for you.


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